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Board approves reduced plan for state park hunting and trapping

DNR plan would open 2/3 of state parks, trails to hunting

Do You Want to Make History? - YouTube Video

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Lets Make 2013 a Year for the Animals

Throughout the year, AFA alerts you to many ways you can help oppose animal cruelty throughout Wisconsin and the world such as writing or calling legislators, attending public meetings and speaking for animals, signing petitions, writing letters to local newspapers, boycotting the circus, and protesting at stores that sell fur. And you respond overwhelmingly. Thank you!

We also ask you to support the many vegan friendly activities happening in our area. Maybe we don't ask this enough.

When looking at the statistics below, it is clear that the overwhelming majority of animals killed in the US are those who are killed for food. Does this mean that the other issues are not important? Of course not. But it does put into perspective the huge impact animal agriculture has on the suffering of animals compared to all of the other animal abuses in our country and the world.

Approximate number of animals killed annually in the US
Animals killed in shelters:3-4 Million (3,000,000)
Animals killed for fur:4 Million - 4,000,000

And you have control over this. You really do! Even if you don't enjoy writing letters, attending meetings, protesting in the cold, or speaking in public you have the ultimate power to decide what (or whom) you choose to eat. You have the power to say, "I will not support the businesses that make their money through the confinement and slaughter of animals."

For those of you who are already vegan, thank-you, keep it up, tell your friends why you're vegan, and Hooray for you!

For you who are just curious or a little nervous about what might seem like a big step, check out ; that big step might look a little less intimidating.

And if you haven't subscribed to our Simply Vegan newsletter. Do it today. Go vegan. For your health, for the planet, for the animals.

Gather Your Recipes!

Alliance for Animals is compiling a Vegan Cookbook that will be available to members and those interested in incorporating more foods that reflect their values of compassion and nonviolence.

Submit your favorite recipes to our cookbook!

(Yes, that's vegan pizza made with Daiya cheese!)

Not in Our Name: UW Graduates Opposed to
Maternal Deprivation Studies

After a two-decade hiatus, the University of Wisconsin, Madison has approved the use of maternal deprivation and fear to create highly anxious baby monkeys. The differences between the dissected brains of these traumatized infants and the brains of baby monkeys not taken from their mothers at birth will be studied.

Are you a University of Wisconsin graduate opposed to the university's archaic maternal deprivation experiments on nonhuman primates?

You are not alone!

Sign the PLEDGE to add your name to our growing list of UW alumni who want to see this end on UW campuses.

Visit the UW Not in Our Name website.

Visit the Not in Our Name Facebook page.

Group Moocho: Support AFA while Saving Money

Join Moocho, a totally FREE app that lets you pay for stuff at shops around Madison, and support AFA at the same time! For every member who uses Moocho, AFA will get $3. No strings attached! Read on for full details...

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Meetup Madison Area Vegetarian Meetup Group invites you to meet and socialize with other vegetarians and vegans in the Madison area.

Each event is well organized, friendly, welcoming, and includes delicious vegan food. This is a great place to come either alone or with your entire family.

You will be sure to meet some great people! Check out the website for upcoming events.


Writing Your Legislators

For help in finding your legislators and some helpful hints on writing email or letters to government officials or media visit our Legislators page.

Since you opened this page...

31,231 chickens
454 turkeys
1,506 ducks
855 pigs
195 cattle
338 sheep
705 rabbits

...have been killed in the world by the meat, dairy and egg industries. This does not include the billions of fish and sea animals killed annually.


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