Rants & Raves
The Good and the Bad from the Past


Ian's Pizza on State Street!
Ian's got such a positive response from their World Go Vegan Week special that now. . . every Monday after Dec. 5. . they will have a handful of vegan slices in the window from 5-8 p.m. They also keep Daiya dairy free cheese in stock for creating a build-your-own vegan pizza! Ian's Pizza, 115 State Street, Madison.

Editors: Scientific American
Thumbs up to award winning magazine Scientific American for declaring that ". . . the time has come to end biomedical experimentation on chimpanzees." Read Ban Chimp Testing here. Wisconsin legislators, we're talking to you!

Congresswoman Gwen Moore, District 4, WI.
Once again we must applaud Congresswoman Gwen Moore for being the first of Wisconsin legislators to sign on as a co-sponsor of the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Bill for 2011-2012. Read more here.

Let's Hope This Slope is Very Slippery
New York Times reports that the National Institutes of Health on Thursday suspended all new grants for biomedical and behavioral
research on chimpanzees

In making the announcement the director of the N.I.H. said that the agency was accepting the recommendations of an expert committee of the
Institute of Medicine, which concluded that most research on chimpanzees was unnecessary.

Weary Traveler Has a Vegan Menu!
Thumbs up to everyone at Weary Traveler for supporting Renegade Vegan Drinks and providing a Vegan Menu (with delicious options)! If you haven't had their Tom Ka soup lately, get down there tonight for a steamy bowl.

Need A Reason to be a (closet) Cowboys Fan?
Dallas Cowboys fullback Tony Fiammetta stronger than ever with vegan diet. Read it here.

Cardinals' Coach Has a Soft Spot for Animals
Tony LaRussa may look kind of grumpy in the Cards' dugout, but he sure has a heart when it comes to animals. Read about the Tony LaRussa Rescue Foundation. He's also vegetarian!

Cast and Crew of VEGUCATED
AFA is proud to support this project! Vegucated is a "guerrilla-style documentary that follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks." Watch for our upcoming screening! Watch the trailer here.

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen just launched her latest blog, Going Vegan with Ellen, which has recipes, vegan tips, and even a section on vegan celebrities.

Minnesota State Fair
Thumbs up to the Minnesota State Fair for including a Vegan Main Dish catagory to their fair contests. Let's bring this tradition to Wisconsin next year!

Wisconsin State Sen. Tim Carpenter
Thumbs up to Sen. Tim Carpenter for delivering a letter to Gov. Walker requesting that he veto from the state budget the provision that would exempt researchers from the animal cruelty statutes of our state. Read the letter here.

Bill Lueders Does It Again!
Congratulations to Isthmus's Bill Lueders for winning a 2011 Genesis Award. Mr Lueders's continued reporting on animal research has been noticed once again for its national merit. The 2011 award is his second Genesis. Mr Lueders took home the award in 2010 in the same category, Outstanding Written Word, for his series of articles in the Isthmus covering animal experimentation at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Read more here.

Charity Bracelets!
Alliance for Animals member Audrey Dahl recently informed us that a portion of the proceeds she receives from her Charity Bracelets will go to AFA! "I put my heart into every bracelet," says Audrey. Bracelets are made from semi-precious stones and various charms. Thank you Audrey! Visit her FaceBook page.

Sometime between October 15, 2010, and mid-November the USDA
Enforcement Division – that has been on campus investigating the multiple problems with animal use oversight at the university, for what seems like a very long time now – informed the university that
they are widening their investigation.

ABC's Good Morning America
Thumbs up to GMA for its recent piece, What Can You Gain From Becoming a Vegan? Watch the video, but remember, this piece was heavy on the "fake meats", which many plant-based diet affectionados don't necessarily rely on once they realize the colorful abundance of fruits, vegetables, spices, nuts, and all of the other nutritious foods available! Visit our Simply Vegan website for more info.

Vegan Protest Fuel
Thumbs up to Boston resident Hillary Rettig and local Madison activist Dan Nordstrom for creating Vegan Protest Fuel. which puts vegan food into the hands of protesters. “All Wisconsinites may be cheeseheads, but not all Wisconsinites eat cheese,” says Nordstrom. We second that!

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, NM State Attorney General Gary King,  New Mexico’s Democratic Senators Tom Udall and Jeff Bingaman, and Tom Harkin of Iowa all went to bat for the chimpanzees held at Holoman Air Force Base slated to be shipped to Texas for use in more experiments. Read more here: Sidelined research chimpanzees
given longer reprieve.

No Radiation Experiments on Squirrel Monkeys! Kudos to PeTA for spearheading a successful effort to quash NASA’s proposed radiation experiments on squirrel monkeys. See No more monkey business: NASA bows to protests over plans to irradiate monkeys in space travel tests.

Terra Source Chocolates
Thumbs up to Josie Pradella, owner of TerraSource Chocolates for making delicious, gourmet, dairy-free, chocolates with a commitment to sourcing local, organic and fairly traded ingredients. Vegantines attendees are in for a treat! Josie has donated a Share Square chocolate for each of us! Thanks Josie. Watach a short video here.

Are You Vegan-Curious in Madison? You're not alone.
Lucky for you we are home to one of the BEST Veg Meetup Groups in the world! 709 members strong! If you haven't attended one of the Madison Area Vegetarian Meetup Group's dinners, make it a New Year's Resolution to try it.

Madisonians Want Vegan Recipes! You betcha!
According to Isthmus writer Linda Falkenstein and Google Zeitgeist," Vegan recipes is number one in Madison's rising recipe searches; up 110% in 2010, and this is not a common result for other places in the U.S." Thanks Linda for pointing this out. Read the report here.

Edgewood College Stops Hosting Recruiters for Covance
By looking at their advertising, Covance may seem like a friendly place, but what they do not publicize is the fact that Covance performs cruel and fatal experiments on monkeys, dogs, rabbits, cats and other animals. Thumbs up to socially responsible Edgewood for saying no. For more on Covance click here.

The Cap Times
We should all applaud the Capital Times for featuring Patricia Randolph's new wildlife column. If you'd like to see Patricia's column continue, please write a letter to the editor and thank them for giving a voice to someone who is pro wildlife vs. hunting. Good for you Patricia!

Isthmus Watchdog Bill Lueders again provides his readers with hard
data on the UW's use of animals -- this time, nearly half-a-million fish. Read it here. See too a heretofore unknown census of the animals used in research at the university, also now on-line, courtesy of Isthmus.


Vegan Las Vegas!
Thumbs up to casino owner Steve Wynn for making it mandatory that every one of his Vegas restaurant provides several vegan options. Read about it here.

Consumers Believe Animal Advocates Over Farm Organizers When it Comes to Humane Care
Large-scale livestock farmers ranked last in animal welfare credibility. Well, what do you know? Read it here.

New Registry Lists Animal Abusers
Suffolk County (on Long Island) moved to create the nation's first animal abuse registry. It's about time! Read article here.

Local Businesses Help Make Cinco de Mayo Silent Auction a Success! Thumbs up to dozens of local businesses in and around Madison who generously donated items for our Spring Veggie Dinner and Silent Auction. Please visit our sponsors (listed here) and tell them thank you for supporting our work! Madison is a compassionate and generous community, and we are proud to be here.

Super Mega-Rave for West Allis man, Dean Hall. You rock Dean!
Man Saves Opossum From Attack. Dean Hall discovered two boys attacking a young opossum and took action. He drove them off and then wrapped the the injured Ellie in his shirt and took her to the Wisconsin Humane Society. Wisconsin needs many more people like Dean!

WI State Assembly
Whoo-hoo! A giant Thumbs Up! to the state assembly for passing the puppy mill bill unanimously! Read the Journal Sentinel article and the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project alert. To everyone who contacted their state reps: Thanks!

Animal Advocate Envisions a Vegetarian World
"I should've eaten my ham sandwich before picking up Karen Dawn's Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals."
Check it Out!

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Celebrate Their Marriage Vegan Style. What kind of cake did you have? "Red velvet. It was vegan—we're both vegans." Read the entire interview here.

A big thumbs up to MATC students for forming Students for Animals at the MATC campus.This student chapter of AFA meets Sundays at 4:00 at Mother Fools Coffee Shop. This group has plenty of ideas and energy and we look forward to working with them throughout the school year. Check out their facebook page here.

Operation Migration! Success!
Wisconsin whooping cranes arrived safely in Tennessee on December 5, on their way to Florida. Kudos to the ultralight pilots from Operation Migration who are guiding and protecting them on their annual migration. Smile when you read this story here.And really smile when you watch this.

Dawn Kubly: Use money to help people, not study monkeys
Capital Times Letter to the Editor is right-on regarding UW's use of monkeys to study alcohol effects.
Read letter here:

Compassionate Action for Animals, our friends up in Minnesota, encourages you to visit their world wide database of veg-friendly restaurants. Their comprehensive guide is unique because it is community-maintained, allowing anyone to add new entries, write reviews, and add ratings. The site is also entirely non- commercial and ad-free (forever). Check out the guide

Middleton Public Library
Take a trip to the Middleton Public Library to see the Alliance for Animals display in the main lobby. Many thanks to AFA volunteer Bob B. for making arrangements for the month-long display. E-mail Jackie if you'd like to volunteer to get a display at YOUR local library.

Veggie Options at Memorial Union
Woo Hoo! to Carl Korz, Assistant Director for Food Service at the Memorial Union at UW Madison for introducing a new array of vegetarian/vegan options for hungry students. Check out the latest veggie options next time you're passing through.

Linda Falkenstein
Isthmus reporter gives Wisconsinites something to think about in her recent expose' on the puppy mill industry in our own Badger state. Thumbs up for this excellent report! Write a letter to the editor in thanks for this excellent piece.

Christmas Mountain Village Says No to Cruelty
Thumbs up to Christmas Mountain Village manager Mark Krause and the members of the management team for choosing not to invite fur pelt sellers back to their establishment after visitors to the lodge complained about the cruelty of trapping fur bearing animals. Thank you to AFA members Sue McKean and Ann Emerson for speaking up for the animals. Please write Mark Krause et al and thank them for making the compassionate choice.

Wisconsin Houserabbit Society
Thumbs up to George Flentke, Chapter Manager of the Wisconsin Houserabbit Society for reminding us to think first before considering a rabbit as an Easter gift. Read his letter here.

Madison School and Community Recreation Keeps Summer Enrichment Courses Cruelty Free
Middle-school students attending a summer enrichment course in zoology through Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR) will no longer have a live rat in the classroom or dissect other critters. Read article here. Send your note of appreciation to MSCR for their humane choice and to the Isthmus for reporting the news.

Turtle Island Foods
Thumbs up to Turtle Island Foods for transferring their lovely donation of dee-licious veggie brats to the Madison Vegetarian Meetup Group. We urge you all to visit the meetup site and consider the May 30 picnic/potluck. Good people, good food.

Milwaukee Brewers' Homerun Hitter Prince Fielder Has a Heart for the Animals
"OK, raise your hands if you think vegetarians are weak and puny. For those who have their hands up, Prince Fielder would like a word with you. Fielder is the 6-foot, 270-pound first baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers with one hell of a reputation." Read the story here.

Thumbs up to Circuit Court Judge Andrew Gorning for understanding the difference between a living breathing dog and a Ford Pinto. Raymond Moser was convicted of felony mistreatment of animals for shooting 2 year old Liberty, who required surgery to remove her left leg and shoulder. She has been adopted. Read story here. Send Judge Gorning a thank you!

Honorable Andrew Gonring
Washington County Circuit Court, Branch 4
432 E Washington St.
West Bend, WI  53095

Public Speaks Up For the Animals-Asks UW to be Accountable
Thumbs up to UW Alum Anneliese Emerson for speaking up for the animals in her WSJ letter to the editor,"Caloric Restriction or Starvation Study?".

And a thumbs up to Leslie Hamilton for voicing frustration in UW Madison's lax practice of keeping the public in the dark (see UW unresponsive on records request). UW has plans for an infectious disease research facility located just blocks away from Madison's Vilas and Greenbush neighborhoods. Why keep the public in the dark?

Public Still Asking for UW to be Held Accountable
Thumbs up to Dawn Kubly for speaking up for the sheep in her WSJ letter to the editor,"Time to end study of decompression."

And a thumbs up to Lesley A. Crocker as well for her letter to WSJ: "Iglesias charged, but not UW researchers."

Both writers point out the obvious: Justice isn't blind nor impartial when the lawbreaking involves the UW and its use of animals.

Mother Fools Coffeehouse
A truly vegan coffeehouse with delicious soups and pastries. If you haven't been there yet, please do. You can't go wrong. Great art, music, wireless internet, and always a smile. Check out their website.

Bill Lueders and Isthmus Win Genesis Award!
Bill Lueders (Alliance for Animals' Heart of Journalism awardee), received a Genesis Award on March 20 in Beverly Hills, California for reporting on animal issues. To see a list of (and links to) the many probing articles Bill has written to deserve this award click here. A great picture of Bill with Linda Falkenstein here. Congratulations Bill! The animals are cheering you on.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore
Congresswoman Moore (D-WI) is the only Wisconsin member of Congress to co-sponsor H.R. 1326: Great Ape Protection Act of 2009. (The Bill has 142 co-sponsors including 14 members from the Midwest.) District Office 219 N Milwaukee St STE 3A Milwaukee, WI 53202 Phone: (414) 297-1140.

Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery Offers Vegan Cupcakes
If you find youself with a sweet tooth while on the east side of Madison, there is now another option for vegans. Stop in at Daisy Cafe and order a vegan cupcake and thank them for putting them on their menu.

Kristin Czubkowski: Capital Times Reporter
A big thumbs up to Cap Times reporter Kristin Czubkowski for being the first to report on the proposed Warner Park goose kill. If it weren't for her April 16 article, Warner Park Geese are Cooked, perhaps the kill would have continued in the dark. Send a thank you!

Wisconsin State Legislature
Congratulations to the Wisconsin State Legislature for passing A.B. 842, and its Senate companion, S.B. 663, which requires the addition of a bitter flavor agent to antifreeze and engine coolant, in order to prevent animals and children from being poisoned by the sweet-tasting liquid. Send thank you's to Rep. Christine Sinicki, D-Milwaukee, and Sen. Jeff Plale, D-Milwaukee for being the leaders in this effort.

The Onion
It's so great to be living in the town that produces The Onion. When one local newspaper continues to glorify UW researchers and the circus coming to town, The Onion "gets it." Children of All Ages Delighted by Enslavement of Topsy the Elephant. Thank you for your ability to see through the facade of animals in entertainment.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
A big thumbs up to Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, the 2010 guest speaker at our Vegantines Dinner and Dance. Colleen's business, Compassionate Cooks, was named NUMBER ONE of the Top Innovative Companies in Vegan Education.

Shawano County Fair
Thumbs up to the Shawano County Fair for canceling their pig wrestling event scheduled this year. If you have a minute, send them an appreciation letter. For more information on pig wrestling in Wisconsin, check our website.

The Capitol Times Speaks Out on County Resolution to Study the Ethics of Monkey Research.
Plain Talk: Shine Light on UW Animal Research by Dave Zweifel, editor emeritus of The Capitol Times.

WISC-TV Editorial Director Neil Heinen
Thumbs up to WISC-TV for their May 31 editorial, Research and Reform: Should We Talk About This in which Editorial Director Neil Heinen supports Dane County Resolution 35. This resolution would establish a Citizens’ Advisory Panel to study the use of monkeys in Dane County. More on this resolution here.

Knuckle Head Pub and Grub
Thumbs up to the folks at Knuckle Head Pub and Grub for leaving out the pig wrestling at their annual KnuckleFest and changing the event to the more family friendly WoodFest, helping to raise money to buy trees to those who lost them in Eagle's tornado.. If you have a minute, send them an appreciation letter. For more information on pig wrestling in Wisconsin, check our website.

Shop Vegan Essentials and AFA Receives 5% of Sales!

If you are looking for non-leather belts or shoes; vegan goodies, very cool t-shirts, and/or anything cruelty-free, shop at Vegan Essentials either online or in person. By clicking on the logo, your purchases will earn AFA much needed dollars.

House Votes to Outlaw Sale of "Crush videos"
The House on Monday voted to ban so-called crush videos that depict the abuse and killing of animals. Read it here.

Ben Stein
Thumbs up to Ben Stein for speaking up for the "littlest victims" of the housing foreclosure mess. Watch the video here.

Animal Consumption Falls Dramatically in US.
USDA reports that the number of animals slaughtered was reduced across the board, as was the consumption of many animal products.Read about it here.


PDQ Food Stores
Manager Phil Troia of Madison's PDQ food stores has refused to meet with AFA members and representatives about their support of the Zor Shrine Circus through their ticket sales. PDQ is not interested in hearing about the poor record of the George Carden circus, who is contracted for the Zor's annual circus in Madison. Let PDQ know you will not patronize their business until they stop supporting the Zor Shrine Circus.

Iowa County Police Dog Euthanized
A decorated police dog that helped officers seize more than $700,000 worth of marijuana one year ago in Iowa County was euthanized, even though the animal had no health issues. Read it here and here.

Republicans introduce bill to promote hunting. In an effort to bring in more hunters. AB311 would lower fees for first-time hunters, step up special hunter education classes and create a council to look at ways to recruit new hunters and trappers. Hunting is not cool, period, so let's not waste time and money on this riduculous bill.

Wisconsin State Fair
Trained bear acts. Pig races. Need we say more? Please do not support the use of animals for entertainment. How about going to a ball game instead?

Beagle By-Products for Sale in Your Neighborhood
Ridglan Farms of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin is one place you may wish you've never heard about. Beagles, raised for research and for by-products such as heart, liver, kindneys, or skin. Visit their website and see for yourself.

Madison City Parks Commission
Despite urgent pleas from citizens to take the time to use alternative methods to killing Madison geese, Parks Commission votes unanimously to "use all the tools in the toolbox" to control geese. Shame. Read AFA's firsthand account of the May 11 meeting here.

Agriculture Industry Pushes Filming Ban
A bill before the Iowa legislature would make it a crime to produce, distribute or possess photos and video taken without permission at an agricultural facility. Video footage from inside of factory farms is one of the most powerful tools that we have to expose the public to the truth about how animals are raised and killed for food. Watch CNN video footage here.

Mounds Pet Food Warehouse
What? Mounds, one of our favorite companion animal supply stores, which does not sell animals,is campaigning and raising funds for the zoo? That just cannot be right? But it's true. Here's a letter from an AFA member to Mounds. Please follow her lead and write to request that they reconsider this absurd idea. Email their marketing manager here.

Chinese Dogs Saved From Becoming Food
Hundreds of dogs have been saved from becoming dinner meat after Chinese activists surrounded the truck they were being transported in. We can only imagine how this would have turned out if the truck were in the US and full of cattle. Read the full story.

UW Madison
Based on recent public records we've received: On October 4, 2010, after having a hole cut in his/her skull and a “cranial
pedestal” screwed into place, a monkey had seizures for four days and finally died, in spite of the efforts of primate center vet Saverio Buddy Capuano III, who tried to save him/her so he/she could be used
in a series of experiments and then killed.

Vilas Zoo
Our daily state newspaper is gushing over the newest residents of the Vilas Zoo in Madison. Who wouldn't love to see a baby lion cub and two red pandas? But these animals belong in the wild not in Madison Wisconsin. A zoo visitor's hour of enjoyment doesn't make up for the animals' lifetime of captivity in an unnatural setting. Zoos are prisons for those who have commited no crime.

Rep. Scott Gunderson (R-Waterford) Targets Children
According to the Isthmus: Gunderson's agenda items for the upcoming legislative session include concealed carry legislation as well as lowering the hunting age to 8. Get'em while they're young. Sick.

PDQ Food Stores Inc.
PDQ is a major supporter of the Zor Shrine Circus simply by selling tickets. Please call or write the main office in Middleton and ask them to NOT sell Circus tickets next year. Don't shop at PDQ until they stop supporting the circus!

E-mail them here.
2002 Parmenter Street, Middleton
(608) 831-6600

Cambridge High School
Shame on Cambridge High School for using live donkeys as a fundraising "tool" for their athletics program. "Donkey basketball” and other “sports” that rely on mistreating animals, like “pig wrestling,” appeal to an unfortunate coarseness in our nature. Schools should encourage students to be compassionate. Please contact Principal Robert Rosen and Superintendent Ronald Dayton and politely suggest that they leave the donkeys out of the gymnasium and instead choose a more humane way of fundraising next year. Read more here.

Oprah Magazine!
"In the past month I've eaten poached goat, grilled octopus, the breaded and fried thymus gland of a cow, tagliatelle with rabbit ragu, and the seared liver of a fatted goose." This taken from O Magazine writer Katie Arnold-Ratliff in her recent article, The Virtues of Eating Everything. What are they thinking?

UW Madison Primate Center Veterinarian
UW-Madison Primate Center veterinarian Buddy Capuano asserts
during a December 13, 2010, Grad School oversight committee meeting that “flipping” and “pacing” are “normal behaviors” for ‘lab monkeys.” In less distressful environments, such behaviors are signs of
captivity-induced mental illness.

UW Madison's Ethics
Researchers at the university have recently published findings and videos demonstrating what they claim is evidence of monkeys' self-awareness, but no change in the horrible things they do to them or the isolation they are forced to endure is being considered. AND, they have censored the videos to hide the hardware bolted to their skulls. Read Are Monkey's Self Aware?

Dr. Jamin es D. Shull will become the next chair of the Department of Oncology at the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research. Unfortunately for the current and future victims of cancer, Dr. Shull’s work is focused monomaniacally on experimental cancer in rats. A few years ago his lab was the first to demonstrate that ACI rats treated with a naturally occurring estrogen develop mammary cancer but that Copenhagen and Brown Norway rats do not. Both cancer victims and rats lose with Shull’s appointment. Read it here.

Jenifer Street Market has a live lobster tank.
We encourage compassionate Madisonians who find boiling live lobsters abhorrent to politely mention this to the managers and/or staff during your next visit. 

Lobsters kept in tanks suffer from stress associated with confinement, low oxygen levels, and overcrowding. Additionally, these sea animals do not have automated nervous systems to put them into a state of shock when they are harmed. Therefore, marine biologists theorize that they feel every second of pain inflicted upon them before their death.

We urge you to let Jenifer Street Market know, by phone, mail, or in person that you are saddened by the sight of lobsters in a tank and will not give them your business until they remove the tank.

2038 Jenifer Street
Madison, WI 53704

Willy Street Co-Op Not Exactly Animal Friendly Time to write a letter and boycott Willy Street Co-op? Shocking to many will be our discovery that the co-op has been selling live lobsters for some time. Lobsters are, apparently, a "special order" item. But not to worry, says the co-op fishmonger, lobsters have simple nervous systems and don't suffer when they are dropped alive into boiling water. AND, in keeping with this animals-don't-matter business plan, in the current issue of the co-op's newsletter, they promote increased animal testing of chemicals. Get the facts Willy Street, and get a heart. Trader Joe's gets our vote! Read an AFA Board Member's letter to co-op regarding their promotion of animal testing (written before learning about the lobsters.) Send your comments here.

Madison School District
Vegetarian meals not available for low income students. "Oceanna Tout, a Shabazz senior who has been a vegetarian for five years, started a group of seven to 14 students dissatisfied with the meat-free choices. Tout said she's among the students who are eligible for reduced-price lunches, but she can't obtain some vegetarian soups because they're not part of the main lunch. Read the WSJ article here.

Vilas Zoo Splits Up Polar Bears
Believe what you want about the Vilas Zoo's good intentions for moving polar bear Nanuq to Bufffalo NY, but to us it's another example of animals being treated as objects to be bought, sold, or loaned with no regard for social bonds. Nanuq was suddenly wrenched away from his home of over 20 years and his longtime female companion Mishka, who now lives a solitary life in Madison. E-mail zoo director Jim Hubing to consider such bonds before making such thoughtless decisions.

Gov. Jim Doyle: Money and Jobs More Important Than Life?
In a little-publicized move, Gov. Jim Doyle and the legislative leadership extended tax credits to the meat industry as an incentive to expand their production. Guess they didn’t read the news that eating processed meats and red meat is linked to earlier death? Or that a hamburger a day might increase your likelihood of dying by 30%. Thanks Governor Doyle.

Governor Doyle Thinks Ten Year Olds Should Be Allowed to Kill Animals
Governor Jim Doyle succombed to the hunting lobbying/community and signed into effect SB 167 which lowers the hunting bill to ten years of age. Ridiculous. Get him out of here. Read more here and here.

Shame On Wisconsin Pig Wrestling
The heat brings out the stupid across our fair state when groups of six or more overweight, bored, drunk, pinheads gang up on a frightened and confused pig to prove to a crowd of peers that they are worthy of a prize. Take a look at some pictures from the Antigo and Eldorado pig wrestling competitons. This is just plain mean and ugly. Send letters of outrage to Antigo Daily Journal for praising this cruel event. Then make a donation to Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Boycott Budget Bicycle!
If you're thinking about purchasing a new or used bicycle, please do not shop at Budget Bicycle. Owner Roger Charly swindled activists whom he had promised to sell a piece of rea lestate--between the UW's Primate Research Center and the Harry Harlow lab--for a handsome sum. He used his false promise to them to parlay a deal for $1,000,000 with the university. One who values dollors over innocent lives and endless horrific suffering is not to be trusted. Shop elsewhere, please.

Pig Kissing NOT Inventive OR Kind
Isthmus writer Jill Carlson calls it "inventive." We call it a lesson in callousness. Students, staff, and families will pay $1 to watch Omega School principal Oscar Mireles kiss a small pig to raise funds for the United Way. Maybe students, staff, and family could be encouraged to donate by talking to them about the good deeds accomplished by the United Way rather than the further manhandling of an animal whose life is already going to be filled to the brim with fear and misery? Consider asking principal Mireles to leave the pig alone and teach the students a little bit about kindness and a concern for others, even pigs, instead.

Dane County District Attorney Brian Blanchard
He's making baaaad decisions. E-mail him a request to reconsider the plain facts and hold the university accountable.

UW Stonewalling on Public Records
Requests for copies of correspondence concerning the multiple unanticipated deaths of monkeys used in Michele Basso's lab's highly invasive brain experiments have been repeatedly denied. A storm is brewing. For more on Basso see the Basso Lab and "The 'Best Science'".

What is Wrong With Tammy Baldwin?
It is simply difficult to understand why our Tammy Baldwin is refusing to join 145 legislators in co-sponsoring the Great Ape Protection Act. See the other co-sponsors here. Very disappointing. Call her D.C. office at 202.225.2906): Ask her to support the Great Ape Protection Act, H.R. 1326, by signing on as a cosponsor. Tell her that you do not want tax dollars used on research using chimpanzees. Let her know that you appreciate her record on animal issues and that you trust that you will be able to count on her to support this important bill. Read about it here.

Pig Wrestling
As we near summer we notice the yearly stupid pig wrestling events showing up across our state. Go to our newest website NoPigWrestling.org to learn more.

Conklin Dairy Farms in neighboring Ohio
Captured on hidden camera, the shocking scenes of abuse reveal a culture of cruelty at Conklin Dairy Farms in Plain City, Ohio. Watch Mercy for Animals' undercover video footage. "The deplorable conditions uncovered at Conklin Dairy Farms highlight the reality that animal agriculture is incapable of self-regulation." We, at Alliance for Animals say, go vegan.

Delavan Township Makes Hall of Shame
On June 30, with the approval of Delavan Township County Board, DNR came in and rounded up and killed all of the geese on Delavan Lake. After Lakeland Animal Shelter volunteered to maintain the parks at no cost to the city and hundreds of citizens signed the petition against the kill only one courageous supervisor voted to save the geese. Please thank Ryan Simons for his compassion and willingness to work with the city to solve the problem in a non-lethal way as well as Becky Stritt for all of her work to save the geese. Thumbs down to Town Chair Dorothyh Burwell, and Supervisors Barb Militelo, Herb Sessner. Visit the Facebook page if this enrages you.

The Dairy Industry
Watch the NY Times slide show on Wisconsin's happy cows, and dairies' happy and healthy neighbors.

22 Dane County Supervisors
Thumbs down to the Dane County Supervisors who voted to end any discussion on Resolution 35. This vote against democracy and public input doesn't seem progressive to us.