Ridglan Farms Raises Beagles for Research and Organs: The Ultimate Betryal

beagle_ridglanRidglan Farms, LLC of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin breeds and raises beagle puppies by the thousands to be sent to research facilities.

That's right. Puppies, beagle puppies.

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Ridglan Farm, Inc, is a USDA Class A dog breeder in Mt. Horeb, WI.

Is your current veterinarian an owner of Ridglan Farms? Visit the USDA 2011 Farm Subsidy Database here. Current owners are:

Ralph McGrew, DVM 25%
David A Williams, DVM Owner Williams Small Animal Clinic, Mt. Horeb, WI 25%
James Burns, DVM, President 25%
Jeffrey Ballmer, DVM 25%

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Covance consume thousands of monkeys and dogs every year.



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