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Fault for manure spill goes beyond digester

Undercover video targets Wisconsin dairy

PETA Bus Ad Campaign in Madison Targets UW

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Animals in Entertainment

Working together, we monitored and documented continued abuses in circuses and the state's failure to enforce even minimal state laws covering the import of exotic animals.

Animals in Labs

We exposed much suffering and filed multiple complaints with the USDA and NIH. Our continued pressure slowed the UW-Madison's planned resurrection of its cruel maternal deprivation experiments. The fight is far from over.

Animals in the Wild

AFAE continued to fight to keep animals in our parks safe from hunters and trappers. We convinced Dane County to ban trapping where it is legally able to do so.

Promoting a Vegan Lifestyle

Mad City Vegan Fest, our Vegan Chili Cook Off, the Simply Vegan newsletter, and our newest website,, are all part of our tireless effort to celebrate and promote a lifestyle that leads to much better human health, a thriving natural environment, and a profound reduction in animals' suffering.

The fundamental belief of Alliance For Animals and the Environment is that all animals, human and nonhuman, should never be treated as the property of another.

Everything we do is based on this belief. Through education on the treatment of animals, promotion of a vegan diet, and supporting others' pro-animal efforts, our work helps make a more compassionate Wisconsin.

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Weise Brothers Dairy in Greenleaf Wisconsin Caught in Abusive Cruel Acts

NESTLÉ Foods' said it had severed all ties with a Wisconsin Dairy depicted in an undercover video of animal abuse released by animal rights group Mercy For Animals (MFA). The video, released Dec. 10, showed workers kicking, beating and dragging cows. Read full report here.

Alliance For Animals and the Environment encourages compassionate individuals to help end the suffering of animals used for dairy production by foregoing ice cream, milk, and cheese and choose a vegan lifestyle instead.

Show your solidarity by replacing the "America's Dairyland" tagline on your Wisconsin license plate with AFAE's "America's Cow Hell" sticker. Stickers available online.

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Introducing AFAE's New Executive Director

On behalf of the board of directors, I am pleased to introduce our new executive director of Alliance For Animals and the Environment, Alexa McCormack. She begins “officially” in January, although she, Lynn, and Rick are already working together for a smooth transition.

Alexa joins us at a time when AFAE's support and influence for a more compassionate and sustainable world have been growing year by year. All of us – volunteers, donors, other supporters, and board members – have accomplished many innovative projects and campaigns. Some are ongoing today. Others are on the drawing board. For all of this, we along with countless beings who have no voice can thank Rick and Lynn for their vision and leadership.

Alexa's knowledge, experience and skills will keep us moving forward. And more important than those qualities, she shares our passion for making a difference in a world that too often can seem indifferent. Look for news of an upcoming event to meet her. Welcome, Alexa!

Charlie Talbert
Board President

A Note from Alexa:

"Accepting the position of executive director with the Alliance for Animals and the Environment is the fulfillment of a life-long dream to extend my lifestyle and beliefs into my career.

I grew up surrounded by respect and activism for the environment and I began following that path independently in my teens. I remained dedicated to volunteering for animal rights, conservation, and environmental organizations while working in the publishing and PR/marketing industries and moonlighting in higher education; later, I shifted my career to working for non-profits. My skills and the causes that I care most about have brought me here to the Alliance for Animals and the Environment to work on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

My husband, Kelly, and our two children, Mose (a golden retriever-chow chow mix we rescued from abuse and neglect in Leadville, CO) and Lola (a Siamese we rescued from abuse and abandonment in Boulder, CO), are happy to welcome all that my work with AFAE will bring to us and to others. What you do and what you support cause me to know already that we are kindred spirits. Now, I look forward to getting to know you even better as we do this vital work together."

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